Cutting Technologies

Cross cutting modules and blade assemblies for separating web shaped materials!

Properties and range of services:

Our cross cutting modules are suitable for single and double cuts. We select the appropriate cutting principle depending on your application. If necessary, we adapt our products to your needs or carry out a new design. Our modules work with the scissor cut principle and are primarily designed for thin web-type materials. Depending on the cutting process which is used the time-consuming knife adjustment when changing knives can be omitted or greatly simplified.

Rotary Cutting Modules


Our high performance rotary cutters are the result of intensive research and development. It is possible to achieve highest cutting frequencies with that modules. Due to the very low mass inertia of the rotary knife, it is highly dynamic. This allows the cutting roller to be accelerated and decelerated in fractions of a second.

This means that a large range of formats can be accommodated at high cutting frequencies. Material speeds of up to 6m/s can be achieved from a standstill after the first rotation of the rotary knife.

The low weight makes it easy to replace the entire assembly. As a result, it is no longer necessary to change knives when the system or machine is stationary, since the entire module can be replaced if the knives are worn out.