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Ideas put into Shape…


Machining at the Highest Level !
Our product range extends from milled parts to surface grinding parts and external cylindrical grinding of cutting rollers. We manufacture a wide variety of products such as connecting rods, wearing parts with carbide inserts, measuring jaws, clamping jaws, etc.


Complex Precision Milled Parts!
Professional contract manufacturing of your parts according to your drawings or in consultation. If required, we will optimize your manufacturing parts and help you with the selection of materials in order to achieve cost savings. We also offer post-treatments or refinement through our partner companies.

We also manufacture rotationally symmetrical, stocky components that are similar to turned parts. The parts which we produce in that way have a diameter/length ratio of approx. 2.0. The maximum length of the components is approx. 40mm. The minimum length of the parts should not be less than 5mm.


maximum component dimensions: 950x450x300
maximum assembly weight:
common component dimensions: 300x70x120
common weight: 50g bis 5 kg

NC Surface Grinding

In order to achieve the highest quality we have precision surface grinding machines at our disposal. We process magnetic materials such as steel, as well as non-magnetic materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastics or carbide.

Surface Grinding:
  • Maximum Component Dimensions: 3500x200x120
  • Maximum Dimensions of the Grinding Table: 3500×150
  • Maximum Weight: ca. 80kg
  • Common Component Dimensions: 600x50x10
  • Common Weight: 0,5 bis 15 kg

Mounting the Assembly

We take over the mounting of complete mechanical assemblies for you. If you wish we will support you from the product idea to series production.

We execute the component assembly precisely and in the highest quality.
We assemble according to your specifications. Assembly plans will be generated if necessary. So you receive your assemblies fully functional, ready for installation and operation.

On request we run tests and create measurement reports for you.

We take over for you:
Maximum Component Dimensions: approx. 1500x700x700 Maximum Assembly Weight: 80kg

External Cylindrical Grinding of Cutting Rollers

Cutting rollers are an integral part of our products. As a result we also offer the external cylindrical grinding of cutting rollers as a service.
Quality and high concentricity are the top priorities for this task.
External Cylindrical Grinding of Cutting Rollers:
  • Maximum Component Dimensions: Ø100×1500
  • Maximum Assembly Weight: 80kg
  • Common Component Dimensions: Ø50×600
  • Common Weight: 0,5 bis 20 kg

General Overhaul / Regrinding and Refurbishing Service

Of course we will support you with general overhauls of our products and also with the regrinding of the knives. We regrind the components and replace wearing parts such as bearings. Our regrinding service basically includes the regrinding of cross cutting knives, doctor blades and rotary cross cutting knives, as well as a straightening of the knives. This ensures that the knives we resharpen will be in a similar condition as new ones.

Adhesive Technology

We use special industrial adhesives to realize a wide variety of material pairings.
Depending on the application and material pairing, we use special selected one- or two-component adhesives. We realize a wide variety of metal compounds, metal-plastic compounds and ceramic-coated parts.
We do not rule out other materials and the processing of fiber-reinforced plastics especially in combination with metal composites and look forward to corresponding inquiries and other interesting fields of applications.
Maximum Component Dimensions: approx. 1500x350x120 Maximum Weight: approx. 60kg Common Component dimensions: 600x50x10 Common Weight: 0.5 to 15 kg

Further Services

We also support our customers with the following additional services:
Through our partner companies we can also support you with the following services and products:

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