CNC and NC Products

We put Ideas and Innovation into Shape

Your partner for high-quality milled parts and surface grinding

  • Modern CNC Milling of complex parts, optionally with A-axis for machining shafts and knife rollers
  • High-Precision-NC-Surface-Grinding
  • External Cylindrical Grinding of Cutting Rollers

Aluminum, steel, stainless steel and brass are mainly processed. We also offer other materials such as plastics and others on request.

We manufacture according to your specifications or as a part to be designed. A constructive adjustment of the parts and assemblies, as well as the appropriate selection of the materials is always carried out from the point cost efficiency.

Our main field of activities are cutting and shredding technologies. Due to the high level of flatness and concentricity required for this, we are able to offer our CNC products of the highest quality.