The most important factor is the cutting edge and the interaction of the individual components which act together during the cutting or shearing process no matter if circular-, sheeter- or rotational blades.

This makes a holistic view of the system essential and conditions a high-precision manufacturing.

Achieving a low surface roughness with the smallest tolerance of flatness on the cutting edge, complemented by a precise adjusting of  the cutting system, distinguishes our products.

Since this is so important, no knife or blade leaves our house, in which the cutting edge even has the slightest deviation in the tolerance.

We combine the experience of our company with innovative ideas in order to manufacture our products with all our technical possibilities.  Through this we built our most important values.

To realize your requests and achieve your complete satisfaction is our highest priority.
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The company was established in 1994. From that period of time the first business area was the regrinding of circular and cross-cut knives. This is the reason why we have detailed knowledge about the wear and the typical stress which occures during the cutting process. In the meantime we have detailed knowledge about the wear which is developed thorough the cutting process. Today we still offer the regrinding as service.

In 1996 the business was expanded since where we successfully offer knives for the paper cutting on the market. From that time on, we develop and produce carbide blades  at our location in Germany for different customer applications all over the world.

In 2005 we increased our machinery. Since that time we offer the design and development of autarkic working cutting assemblies for technical and industrial demands. Our knowledge about the process of cutting and the professional experience of over 30 years of the founder in the paper processing combined with a long period of practical experience in adjusting of blades, supplemented by extensive engineering experience in mechanical engineering and continuous developments in our team, make our products very successful on the market place.

As a manufacturer and development partner, we offer this expertise in the highest quality from a single source to our customers.

We develop and manufacture customized for you:


High quality and
precise manufacturing
are our success
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