Carbide-tipped rotational blades
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Due to manufacture precision and application of carbide cutting edges we obtain outstanding edge-holding properties of the rotational blades under the conditions of long-term operation.

The rotational blades can be designed for different operation conditions and loads. According to this, we offer different geometry and lengths.
Patented cross-cutting rotational assemblies
The cross-cutting rotational assembly is a result of intensive research and development of a product design with consideration of cutting process optimization under very high cutting frequencies.

Due to an extremely low inertia of the rotational blade, the latter is highly dynamic. Therefore, the rotation blade can be accelerated or decelerated extremely fast, in split seconds. This enables the processing speed to reach the level of 6m/s (360m/min) after one blade rotation.

Due to small weight it is very easy to exchange the entire assembly and there is no need for field adjusting any more.
Rotational blade
Cross-cutting rotational assembly


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