Cutting and shredding assemblies
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With this assembly, edges of a paper web can be cut into small stripes. 
The shredder operates reliably and is distinguished by a compact and robust design. Due to the blade  execution, customers do not need to perform complicated adjustments any more. 

Design and precise manufacture enables to avoid touching cutting edges when cutting. Therefore, life time of the product is very high.
Assembly for cutting with a sliding blade
This assembly for cutting enables to cut without reciprocal touching the cutting edges.

This enables very high life time to be reached.
Edge trim cutter
Sliding blade
Assembly for cross-cutting
Assemblies for cross cutting / devices for cutting
The assemblies for cross-cutting, developed by us, are meant for single and double cutting.

The key features of our assembly for cross-cutting are simple  and uncomplicated blade replacement, as well simple installation of the cutting tools.

This assembly enables to reach high cutting frequency under variable length dimensions.


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