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We offer circular blades for different purposes. They can be made of solid carbide or stainless steel with carbide cutting edges. These blades can be used for cutting thin materials like paper or thin foil.

The circular blade size can be adapted according to the product to be cut.

The circular blades, like the rest of the products, are delivered in a corresponding package. In doing so, we guaranty that each of our products is delivered undamaged and can be stored safely.
Cross-cut blades
We use aluminum or steel as support material. Long life time is achieved due to usage of carbide cutting edges for the blades. Since 1996 we‘ve been successfully combing these materials, and offered to the market industrial blades with low internal stress and warpage. 

Upon request, and according to the application purpose, the blades may be fitted with carbide on one, two or four sides.

When necessary and on the customer‘s request, the aluminum blades, patented by us, may be supplied with wear-resistant coating. The coating provides safe protection of  blades from stresses that may arise. 

The advantage of aluminum is its weight which is two thirds smaller than that of steel. The reduced weight enables faster operation of the cutting machines under the same drive power.

For example, when cutting single sheets of paper, our blades can have the life time amounting to more than 70 million cuts.
Circular blade
Aluminium blade with carbide cutting edge
Steel blade with carbide cutting edge


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