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With our products and services we would like to improve the processes of your machines and enterprise.
Our customers equipment should continuously function with high output. In our products and development we strive to bring all components and cutting tools into agreement with each other in the best way possible in order to achieve optimal result. That is why we are constantly moving forward in the optimization cycle, with the purpose of offering you the best accuracy, quality, safety and reliability. This is proved by multi-year cooperation with our customers and high level of satisfaction from the customers side.

We would also like to earn your trust and can offer a sample blade upon request, so that you can test it yourself. 

If you have questions on our services, do not hesitate to contact us.
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Upon request we produce  blades, individual parts or special parts with particular shapes.

We are able to produce long and thing parts with a very  high levelness tolerance.
Our service also includes:
  • Blade and knife adjusting training sessions

  • Blades regrinding

We offer additional service of blade regrinding. If warpage is discovered
during regrinding, we will perform precision adjustment. 

We guaranty exact reproduction of cutting geometry.


High quality and
precise manufacturing
are our success
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