CAD Design
Product development accordig to the customer‘s requests
Calculation, dimensioning  & design
Due to methodical approach during dimensioning and constructing of our products, still on the draft phase
much attention is paid to economic manufacture of system components. Besides, technical calculation and
design development in CAD are performed with regard to functionality and user friendliness.

At product draft stage we naturally concern ourselves with upcoming process parameters and process
requirements, as well as customer demands and requests.

Depending on request, we develop products for our customers independently or as a cooperation project.
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Development according to requirements and requests.
Our products are developed in a 3D CAD System which can read and readout the most popular data formats. Based on your drawing we can easily generate a 3D-Model, and manufacture your product.
New developments based on cooperation
We often combine innovations with our Know-how  in order to realize new ideas on products for our customers.

We want to offer you the best price to service relation. That is why constructive adaptation of blades and single parts with due regard to the process and manufacture parameters is one of our strengths.

Thanks to lightweight design we develop blades and systems in weight-optimized and materials efficient solution. Depending on customer requeststhey may operate with lower driving power, or, having the same driving power, demonstrate much higher acceleration rate, which increases productivity.


High quality and
precise manufacturing
are our success
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